1. Sarah made a precise record of our progress as we drove. Stitching the maps together, I created a line drawing of our entire route. It reminds me of a passage from Blue Highways;

    Over the next hour, he talked about the Hopi Way, and showed pictures and passages from the Book of the Hopi. The key seemed to be emergence. Carved in a rock near the village of Shipolovi is the ancient symbol for it.

    With variations, the symbol appears among other Indians of the Americas. Its lines represent the course a person follows on his “road of life” as he passes through birth, death, rebirth. Human existence is essentially a series of journeys, and the emergence of a symbol is a kind of map of the wandering soul, an image of a process; but it is also, like most Hopi symbols and ceremonies, a reminder of cosmic patterns that all human beings move in.

    - William Least Heat-Moon


  2. From Nashville we drove down to Cherokee, NC to spend a week hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains and hang out with another dear friend.


  3. Three weeks in New Orleans, then over to Natchez to drive the entire Natchez Trace Parkway. A remarkably beautiful and quiet drive culminating at Loveless Cafe outside Nashville and a serendipitous rendezvous with a dear friend.


  4. We started in St. Louis and drove south down I-55, skipping briefly through Arkansas and Tennessee, before spending our first night in Hugh White State Park.


  5. I sat down with Alice Channer to talk about her practice and how the meaning of interaction has changed in the digital age. You can see more of her work at her galleries, Lisa Cooley and the Approach.


  6. We went to the Denver Botanical Garden.


  7. Arches National Park near Moab, Utah, has been on my radar since my early days of mountain biking. It was a mecca for the sport and, as a 13 year old without any means of transport besides my bike, represented some sort of wild west freedom fantasy. Mountain biking was the first passion that truly felt mine, in the sense that I didn’t inherit it from my family. The bike offered my teenage self a means of independence and opened the city for exploration. Now, as an adult, that desire to explore remains and has led me here, to the first destination I ever sought. The circular nature of existence manifests.




  10. Arches, Utah.


  11. Achieving the Infinite with Mike Wood

    I sat down with mining engineer and all-around funny guy, Mike Wood, to talk about his split personality and finding balance in an unbalanced world.


  12. Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.


  13. We drove towards Cayonlands.


  14. We emerge from the Colorado River canyon and drive through the bizarre landscapes of southern Utah. The geography of the southwest changes more rapidly than any region of America. Each bend of the road brings entirely new colors and otherworldly formations of rock.


  15. Bryce Canyon, Utah.